Billing Wizard – 3PL Billing Management

Our proprietary 3PL Billing Management software module, Billing Wizard™, enables you to identify hidden operational costs and boost profitability. For the 3PL Warehouse environment, this dynamic solution allows you to identify and capture all inventory handling, materials, assessorial, storage and transportation activities by client at the time of the warehouse transaction.

If you are a logistics service provider, this tool can help you improve billing accuracy and service, and ensures the appropriate charges are captured on a client-by-client basis.

Billing Wizard uses rules-based logic to evaluate transactions and create billing records so you can easily track and assign charges to virtually any warehouse event — giving you a clear understanding of your activities and protecting your profitability.

3PL Central’s Billing Wizard’s List of Features are 3PL-centric, and but can cross over easily in the private warehouse environment to track costs and improve operations:

  • Maintains separate customer billing schedules for transactional and full/split-month storage billing
  • Prompts warehouse personnel to enter charges at the time of every billable activity
  • Tracks all handling, assessorial, freight and storage charges by customer
  • 3PL user configurable billing activities and rates – no programming necessary
  • Affixes charges to all internal or customer-driven activities
  • Supports free day and anniversary date billing
  • Automatically calculates recurring billing charges weekly, bi-monthly or monthly
  • Automatically calculates charges which eliminates math errors
  • Allows secondary confirmation before order/receipt confirmation
  • Provides invoice generation and accounting package integration