Small Parcel Shipping Capabilities – SmartParcel™ and SmartPack™

3PL Central provides customers instantaneous access to the some of the leading shipping and delivery companies in the world. Using a variety of connection methods to suit your needs and budget, our shipping solutions are tailor-made to allow customers to keep working with their existing providers – while giving them access to a whole new slate of additional value-adding vendors.

For a complete list of our Small Parcel Shipping Partners, click here. Our embedded Shipping Solution, SmartParcel™, and its sister product, SmartPack™ are just our latest innovations to 3PL Warehouse Manager and Red Rock Warehouse Manager.

The 3PL Central SmartParcel™ feature allows the direct printing of UPS, FedEx and USPS labels directly from 3PL Warehouse Manager or Red Rock Warehouse Manager. By integrating this feature directly into the application,* there is no need for manual handling of addresses in carrier systems or retyping of tracking numbers – everything is now handled directly from the WMS application. In addition, SmartParcel can be integrated with SmartPack for 100% verified shipping workflow.

To watch a live demonstration of our Scan Pack with SmartParcel™ and SmartPack™ at the 2015 International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) Convention, simply click “play” on the video below:

SmartPack™ is an additional add-on feature that provides 100% verification of package contents via a scan, pack and verify process using a USB scanner. Track and verify lot number, serial number and expiration dates, and track outbound serial numbers with the SmartPack™ feature.

To watch our SmartPack™ Verify feature in action on a real-life warehouse floor, simply click “play” on the video below: