e-Commerce Retailers

As an e-Commerce Retailers, you face many challenges in supporting an omni-channel supply chain. We understand the challenges facing e-Commerce Retailers today. 3PL Central’s Red Rock Warehouse Manager provides the features, partnerships and integrations necessary to handle multiple types of fulfillment, including:

  • Direct-to-consumers
  • Drop-shipping
  • Business-to-business order fulfillment

Red Rock Warehouse Manager meets these needs by supporting all the key functions needed for e-Commerce success, including:

  • Order management across Shopping Carts, QuickBooks, and Accounting Packages.
  • Real-time inventory management.
  • Inventory synchronization across platforms.
  • SmartPack™ – A complete scan, pack and verification solution ensuring 100% accuracy and carton-level packing details.
  • SmartParcel™ – Integrated small parcel shipping with UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canadian Post, and many other carriers.

And much more. Our easy-to-use, Cloud-based warehouse management software (WMS) is designed to help warehouses of all kinds to run more efficiently, grow their business and satisfy customers − all for less than $500 per month per warehouse. Begin your free 30 day trial today!