3PL Warehouse Manager Cloud-Based WMS

3PL Warehouse Manager was specifically created to enable 3PL providers to manage the unique challenges that face them every day. This includes:

  • Managing multiple customers, each with different practices, processes and billing schedules.
  • Responding to the ever-growing customer demands for real-time information.
  • Providing turnkey integrations with the latest warehouse management technologies (e.g., EDI, barcode scanning, e-Commerce shopping carts and more).

To view some screen shots of our product in action, click here.

3PL Warehouse Manager’s flexibility, scalability and remarkable ease of use helps warehouses run more efficiently, grow their business and satisfy customers − all for less than $500 per month per warehouse. Our software is specifically designed to help 3PLs:

  • Satisfy their customers’ need for real-time information.
  • Increase profits through process automation.
  • Bill accurately and put an end to under-billing!
  • Provide the advanced services their customers demand.

Not an off-the-shelf warehouse management solution, 3PL Warehouse Manager was built specifically for the way 3PLs’ work. The advantages of a purpose-built warehouse management system are clear:

  • Intuitive design and 3PL-focused WMS features.
  • Pay for what you use with no multi-year contracts.
  • Add and inactivate customers and warehouses on the fly.
  • Fully customizable with your company’s logo.


Our SmartParcel™ feature allows the direct printing of UPS, FedEx and USPS labels directly from our system. This feature also includes our SmartPack™ functionality, which enables scanning for 100% verified package contents through scan/pack/verify process.

In addition, 3PL’s Warehouse Manager is an on-demand Cloud-based solution with no software to install, maintain, or update. This keeps your IT overhead to a minimum, and means that your data is accessibly globally – from any PC connected to the Internet.