Red Rock Warehouse Manager

Created by warehouse industry experts, proven in the demanding 3PL marketplace -and available for less than $500 a month per warehouse – Red Rock Warehouse Manager can manage multiple warehouses, provide 24-7 inventory visibility, handle all of your pick, pack and shipping needs – and much, much more. Red Rock Warehouse Manager is the ideal solution for Retailers, e-Tailers and Manufacturers worldwide.

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Designed to run on the same Warehouse Management Platform that powers our 3PL Warehouse Manager, Red Rock Warehouse Manager can provide turnkey access to a wide array of integrations with QuickBooks, EDI providers, e-Commerce shopping carts and more.

Red Rock Warehouse Manager provides everything you need, including:

  • Integration with leading ERP/Accounting systems including QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Support for omni-channel order management
  • Real-time integration with 15+ shopping carts support
  • Small parcel integrations with UPS, FedEx, USPS and more
  • Support for multiple distribution centers/manufacturing facilities
  • SmartParcel™ feature – which allows the direct printing of UPS, FedEx and USPS labels directly from system.
  • SmartPack™ which enables scanning for 100% verified package contents through scan/pack/verify process
  • Mobile barcode scanning
  • Lot, serial number, and expiration date tracking
  • Full EDI support via multiple EDI service providers
  • Retailer UCC-128 label library

Special Features

Red Rock Warehouse Manager offers such additional benefits as:

QuickBooks Integration

Red Rock Warehouse Manager is designed to integrate easily with Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software. We offer a number of integration features, including:

QuickBooks ERP

Our QuickBooks ERP functionality combines the accounting expertise of QuickBooks with the advanced stock control of 3PL Central. Our software enables our users to automatically synchronize items, inventory, orders, purchase orders and receipts – while providing visibility across their entire supply chain. Sharing data between sales, the back office and the warehouse has never been easier.

QuickBooks ERP is ideal for companies who manage their own fulfillment centers, and for those 3PLs whose customers use QuickBooks to run their businesses. There is a workflow to accommodate almost any scenario – whether QuickBooks is hosted on-site at the warehouse or distributed across multiple locations around the world. To learn more, click here.

QuickBooks Order Creation Module

Don’t need all of the power of the QuickBooks ERP connection but still want to automate the order import function with QuickBooks? Is QuickBooks being used as an order management system and needs to feed fulfilment data to the warehouse?

Our QuickBooks Order Creation Module is designed to do just that.  Our module enables you to automatically send order data from one or many instances of QuickBooks directly to the warehouse for real time order placement, fulfillment and tracking updates. For more information, click here.

e-Commerce Features

Our low-cost, developer-friendly e-commerce fulfillment software packages provide:

Integration with Order Management Platforms (e-commerce “Shopping Carts”) – Including integrations with:

  • Amazon
  • Big Commerce
  • CS Cart
  • Hubsoft
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • UltraCart
  • Volusion
  • Zoovy

EDI Functionality

Red Rock Warehouse Manager is able to support a variety of common EDI file protocols including:

  • X12 (940/945)
  • Fixed-position flat file
  • Tab-delimited
  • XML (via FTP or Web Service Call)

For more information about our full EDI functionality, click here.