Billing Automation & QuickBooks Integrations

Improve Billing Accuracy and Service

Boost Profits with Billing Wizard

Our proprietary 3PL Billing Management software module, Billing Wizard™, enables warehouses to identify hidden operational costs and boost profitability. This dynamic solution allows 3PLs to identify and capture all inventory handling, materials, assessorial, storage and transportation activities by client at the time of the warehouse transaction.

For logistics service providers, this tool can help improve billing accuracy and service, and ensures the appropriate charges are captured on a client-by-client basis.

Billing Wizard uses rule-based logic to evaluate transactions and create billing records so you can easily track and assign charges to virtually any warehouse event — giving you a clear understanding of activities and protecting your profitability. Regardless of whether your business is 3PL-centric or a private warehouse environment, Billing Wizard is easily configurable to track costs and improve operations.

  • Maintain separate customer billing schedules for transactional and full/split-month storage billing
  • Prompt warehouse personnel to enter charges at the time of every billable activity
  • Track all handling, assessorial, freight and storage charges by customer
  • 3PL user configurable billing activities and rates – no programming necessary
  • Affix charges to all internal or customer-driven activities
  • Support free day and anniversary date billing
  • Automatically calculate recurring billing charges weekly, bi-monthly or monthly
  • Automatically calculate charges which eliminates math errors
  • Allow for secondary confirmation before order/receipt confirmation
  • Provide invoice generation and accounting package integration
QuickBooks ERP

Designed to integrate easily with Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software, we offer a number of integration features including QuickBooks ERP.

Our QuickBooks ERP functionality combines the accounting expertise of QuickBooks with the advanced inventory control of 3PL Central WMS products enabling our users to automatically synchronize items, inventory, orders, purchase orders and receipts. Providing visibility across their entire supply chain, 3PL Central helps our customers share data between sales, the back office, and the warehouse making it is easy for the entire business to align and grow.

QuickBooks ERP is ideal for companies who manage their own fulfillment centers, and for those 3PLs whose customers use QuickBooks to run their businesses. Whether QuickBooks is hosted on-site at the warehouse or distributed across multiple locations around the world, there is a workflow to accommodate almost any scenario.

  • Technology teams love the customizable workflow options designed to work with a wide range of operational and data needs
  • Office staff love the visibility into inbound and outbound transactions helping to ensure vendors are paid appropriately and invoices are sent right away
  • Everyone will love the advanced notifications and reduced paperwork and data entry
QuickBooks Order Creation Module

Don’t need all of the power of the QuickBooks ERP connection but still want to automate the order import function with QuickBooks? Is QuickBooks being used as an order management system and needs to feed fulfillment data to the warehouse? 3PL Central’s QuickBooks Order Creation Module is designed to do just that. Automatically send order data from one, or many instances of QuickBooks, directly to the warehouse for real-time order placement, fulfillment and tracking updates.

Designed to work with all QuickBooks versions compatible with Intuit’s Web Connector, the QuickBooks Order Creation Module will:

  • Automatically send tracking information to your customers’ QuickBooks application upon order confirmation
  • Creates order from QuickBooks sales orders, sales receipts or invoices
  • Automatically convert sales orders to invoices upon order confirmation
  • Accommodate multiple processing workflow options to match any number of business needs
  • Create specially coded reference number designations for easy order identification in the warehouse
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