EDI Integration

Seamlessly Connect with Partners, Retailers, and Customers

Easily Add EDI Capabilities to your Warehouse

Electronic Data Interchange, otherwise known as EDI, is a critical necessity for many 3PLs and private warehouses to communicate with their customers, partners and/or retailers. 3PL Central supports a variety of common EDI file protocols and connection methods and can help support auxiliary needs through partners including retailer UCC-128 labels, retailer 856 shipment notifications, and EDI 810 communication with retailers.

Over the years, 3PL Central has facilitated millions of EDI transactions and integrations and has seen firsthand the best practices used in the industry. We’re happy to share our expertise and help you understand and navigate how EDI can assist your business and go revenue.

3PL Warehouse Manager and Red Rock Manager WMS support a variety of common EDI file protocols:

  • X12 (940/945)
  • Fixed-position flat file
  • Tab-delimited
  • XML (via FTP or web service call)

3PL Warehouse Manager and Red Rock Manager WMS also support a variety of connection methods:

  • Integration with your own in-house 3PL systems
  • Direct connection with your customer (the manufacturer)
  • Pre-wired connections with leading EDI service providers including our premier partner SPS Commerce

3PL Central is available to help support auxiliary needs including retailer certified UCC-128 labels, retailer 856 shipment notifications and EDI 753 communication with retailers for our customers.

Retail Distribution UCC-128 Label Support

3PL warehouses and Private Warehouses can supplement service capabilities with retailer UCC-128 labeling for all major retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco. Over the years, 3PL Central has worked with numerous major retailers and developed in-house EDI expertise and support on our implementation teams. Powerful and flexible, 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS and Red Rock Warehouse Manager WMS support both EDI and retailer UCC-128 label printing.

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