Mobile Barcode Scanning

Easily Increase Productivity and Data Accuracy for You and Your Customers

Improve Real-Time Capabilities

3PL Central’s mobile barcode scanning functionality is designed to help businesses increase worker productivity, improve data capture accuracy, and provide you – and all of your users – with the latest information in real-time.

Mobile barcode scanning functionality can be implemented almost immediately, with no on-site consulting required. See a list of basic features for compatible barcode scanning hardware below, and contact one of our specialists to see if barcode scanning is right for you and your team.

When implemented, mobile barcode scanning with 3PL Central WMS software supports all core warehouse functions including:

  • Receiving
  • Pallet ID/License Plate Number label printing
  • Put-away
  • Moving
  • Picking
  • Packing complete with carton level detail for EDI transmission
  • Billing Wizard™ integration
  • Support of lot number, serial number, expiration date and/or pallet ID

As a Motorola PartnerSelect ISV Program member, 3PL Central has pre-tested and directly supports a number of Motorola’s WiFi-enabled handheld devices. We highly recommend the MC9200 series. However, we also support the well-established MC3090 and MC9090 models, as well as MC3190 and MC9190 units.

For customers who already have a web-enabled barcode scanners or other non-Motorola barcode scanning hardware, 3PL Central can refer recommended hardware partners to help establish compatibility with 3PL Central software. Some basic features required for any compatible barcode scanning hardware include, but are not limited to:

  • Live internet connection via WiFi or cellular internet connectivity
  • Running Windows CE 5.0 or better
  • Screen Resolution: 240(W) x 320(L) — QVGA size or better
  • Barcode Scanning capability using pocket browser or compatible equivalent

Already a 3PL Central customer, please visit the Support portal and ask how to implement. Not a customer yet. Request a demo to learn how we can help optimize your warehouse.

Increase Productivity and Accuracy