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3PL Warehouse Manager is the proven backbone of 3PLs looking to do Omnichannel, Retail, and Direct-to-consumer Fulfillment. Built for 3PLs by 3PLs, our WMS makes it easy to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and deliver complete visibility to 3PLs and their customers.


Improve Your Warehouse Performance


Grow in Ecommerce: Is your 3PL looking to serve ecommerce customers but you don’t know where to start? Let us handle the legwork and start receiving customer orders in minutes.

The Technology Backbone of 3PL Warehouses: Give your IT team peace of mind with a secure cloud-based system that never sleeps—without the need to update and maintain software.

Save Your Staff from Manual Order Entry: Reduce pressure from your staff doing manual order entry to avoid mis-ships and reduce chargebacks by automating orders.


161 hours: Average time saved per month when using automation instead of manual order entry


Identify Hidden Fees and Increase Profits

Manage automated and manual fees with our 3PL-specific Billing Wizard™


Shorten Your Cash Cycle: Reduce billing time to hours, not weeks. Generate invoices and send them in minutes with our Billing Wizard or automated with our QuickBooks integration.

Capture Unique Billing Workflows: 3PL-specific billing automatically calculates recurring charges for storage, shipping and handling, and lets you manually input charges on the fly.

Say Goodbye to Chargebacks: With a dedicated EDI team with compliance expertise, direct retail-compliant documentation, and an Attach Images feature, retailer compliance is a breeze.


$9,000: Average chargebacks of shipping a non-compliant pallet


Reduce Labor Costs With a Paperless Warehouse

Automate and verify 100% packing accuracy with SmartPack™


Verify Shipments and Print Labels Hands-Free: With our complete small parcel solution, verify order and shipping accuracy, and print labels and shop for the best shipping rates directly from the WMS.

Stand-out from the Competition: By partnering with the leader in cloud-based warehouse management technology, you can offer more services that attract and retain large customers.

Stay on Top of Increasing Customer Demands: Accommodate complex customer workflows and quickly adapt to your customer’s needs all in one system.


$8,092: Average labor savings per month after using 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS


Offer Visibility Into Your Warehouse Operations

Set-up specific warehouse and customer permissions with our role-based access web portal


Your Entire Operations In One Interface: Track every customer, order, item, and transaction in and out of your warehouse from anywhere in the world, all in one interface.

Automatically Notify Customers With Key Information: Automated customer notifications of inventory-related information (low stock, fulfilled orders, etc.).

Achieve 100% Inventory Accuracy: With Inventory Audit, ensure that your inventory in the system matches what you have on-hand.


$800: Average labor savings per month by automating notifications and customer visibility


Attract and Retain More Customers

Granular-level tracking for each order


Automate Your Order Allocation: Continue your dedication to quality, and serve your customers no matter their industry with various ways to track inventory (lot, serial numbers, expiration, etc).

Create Your Fulfillment Ecosystem: With our REST API, easily integrate with systems you and your customers are already using, as well as new systems that can streamline and grow your 3PL.

Permission-Based Inventory Access: Exclusively segment inventory, reporting, and billing for each customer, and give them access with our permission-based customer portal.


22%: Average order growth year over year


Want to grow your 3PL warehouse?