Products Overview

Flexible WMS Solutions to Meet Your Operational Needs As You Grow

3PL Warehouse Manager

Designed by 3PLs for 3PLs, our flagship WMS product was specifically created to help you grow your business, maximize productivity, and deliver superior customer service.


Red Rock Warehouse Manager

Created by warehousing experts, our Red Rock Warehouse Manager is the ideal solution for companies who wish to manage their own inventory, order management, and fulfillment solutions.


3PL Central WMS Platform

Serving as a central command center, our enterprise class WMS Platform gives our clients the ability to view, connect and control their entire fulfillment network from a single Cloud-based location.


We Make It Easy For Warehouses to Connect With Their Customers

Designed by warehouse management experts, our suite of WMS products were developed to help warehouses seamlessly connect with their customers every day. As a 3PL, you need to deliver value through process, data, and a high-tech, quality experience that offers meaningful interactions with each and everyone of your customers.

Take your WMS game to the level and let 3PL Central help you:

  • Grow your businesses exponentially
  • Turbocharge your operations
  • Dramatically increase your customer satisfaction


Deliver Superior Customer Service – Intelligent workflows and branding capabilities allow you to tailor your system to each customer’s specific requirements and offer logic by warehouse, customer, location, and item level. With a branded customer portal, your customers will trust you to deliver every service from start to final mile delivery.

Transform Operational Productivity – Intuitive navigation and features enable warehouse workers to manage their daily tasks faster than ever – while avoiding costly errors, regulatory violations, or misshipments.  Vastly simplified navigation will enable your team to send productivity levels through the roof. 

Sophisticated Data Filtering  – Create your own custom data filtering and quick views allowing your users to get the information they need at a glance.

Customizable To Meet Growing Demands  Fully siloed data at the customer level is built to help you manage multiple customers, separate billing, inventory access, and more.

Win New Clients from Fast-Growing Industries – Our clean, elegant design was specifically created to appeal to those prospects who operate in the rapidly expanding and highly profitable big box retailer and eCommerce industries.  Additionally, we offer a robust REST API and EDI connections to customer ERPs, Business Intelligence Tools, and other customer specific platforms.


3PL Warehouse Manager WMS
The first cloud-based WMS ever designed for the unique needs of third party logistics providers.

  • Manage multiple clients – in multiple locations
  • Satisfy 3PLs and their customers’ need for 24/7 real-time information
  • Increase profits through process automation
  • Put an end to under-billing through our automated “Billing Wizard”
  • Provide the brand image management services customers demand

Red Rock Warehouse Manager
Already proven in the demanding 3PL marketplace, Red Rock Warehouse Manager is the ideal solution for retailer distributors, e-commerce vendors, and manufacturers worldwide. Easy to integrate and easy to use, our software enables our clients to:

  • Control omni-channel order management operations
  • Access inventory 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Easily handle all pick, pack and shipping needs
  • Integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks, EDI providers, shopping carts, small parcel delivery partners, and more

Both products are powered by our comprehensive Warehouse Management Platform. Designed to help our clients manage their entire fulfillment chain, our network enables our users to execute the solutions they need faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Come join the thousands of members in the 3PL Central warehousing community and discover why 3PL Central is the Smart Choice for Intelligent 3PLs and Warehouses.

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