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3PL Billing & Integrations

3PL-centric billing automation built to increase profits

Automate Your Billing

3PL-centric billing automation built to increase profits with 3PL Central

Simplified Billing for 3PLs

Are you ready to take the complexity out of billing for your warehouse? Our cloud-based WMS offers built-in billing automation with our proprietary Billing Wizard™, making sure your warehouse is paid for day-to-day operations and all value-added services that keep your warehouse competitive.

Using 3PL best practices, 3PL Warehouse Manager accurately manages billions of dollars in inventory and processes more than 1 million orders a week for our customers. Let us show you how to remove your reliance on error-prone data entry and reduce paper invoices that can be misplaced or miscalculated.

Take the Guesswork Out of Billing

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Instantly turn orders into invoices to send to customers for faster payments
Automate your billing time to hours, not weeks and reduce billing time by 75%
Capture billable events as they occur and prevent losing 3% of monthly profit from under-billing
3PL Central customer specific billing to track fees, manage schedules, & directly integrate to quickbooks

Customer-specific Billing

Track all fees per customer: Automate billing for however you charge your customers and add charges on the fly.

Manage separate billing schedules: Manage all transactional and full/split-month storage billing per customer.

Offer free days and anniversary billing: Support free days and anniversary billing easily and accurately from the WMS.

Directly integrate with QuickBooks: Send your customers’ invoice detail and automate invoice generation with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

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Automated billing monthly, bi-weekly, weekly

Automate Your Billing

Create 3PL-centric billing rules: Our team of software and logistics experts have built 3PL-centric billing scripts ready for you to use.

Calculate recurring billing charges: Charge for storage based on when you bill your customers (daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, etc).

Capture service charges: Bill for different service charges around the warehouse. For instance, customer tariffs, per pallet, hazmat, cold storage, pick and pack, shipping, handling, and more.

Automate Your Billing

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QuickBooks Integration

Billing Wizard Integration

Export billing data from 3PL Warehouse Manager to QuickBooks to create, consolidate and export invoices.

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