Small Parcel Shipping for Today’s 3PLs

Best practice receiving, picking, packing, and shipping workflows from within your WMS

We Deliver Efficient and Paperless Best Practices

We’ve built our cloud-based WMS based on 3PL best practices so that warehouses can keep up with the rise of ecommerce, omnichannel, and high volume orders.

Our unified small parcel shipping suite, comprised of SmartScan, SmartPack™, and SmartParcel™, creates seamless workflows developed to optimize warehouse efficiency by reducing manual and paper processes. Using extensive research from our 3PL Intelligence Initiative, these products offer paperless best practice workflows that reduce manual labor while increasing accuracy for warehouse staff.


Save 3 minutes per order with the Unified Small Parcel Shipping Suite

Unified Small Parcel Shipping Suite – Best Practice Pick, Pack, Ship Workflow

3PL Warehouse Manager, combined with the unified small parcel shipping suite, provides an end-to-end solution for ecommerce and high-volume fulfillment in three simple steps. These best practices deliver repeatable and scalable workflows to enhance warehouse performance and accuracy.

  1. Pick with SmartScan. Remove employee guesswork with onscreen picking instructions directly on your mobile scanning device.
  2. Pack with SmartPack. Accurately scan and verify each order once – no need to keep rechecking orders.
  3. Ship with SmartParcel integrated with ShipEngine. Print labels, connect with carriers and select the best shipping rate from within your WMS.


$22: The cost of a single mispick to a warehouse

SmartScan works on consumer devices

SmartScan offers modern barcode scanning on virtually any device.



SmartScan – Improve productivity, accuracy, and visibility

SmartScan integrates directly with 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS so data flows both ways for up-to-the-minute updates from the warehouse floor to the back office. The process starts with accurately receiving inventory into the warehouse, ensuring accuracy until the item is shipped. SmartScan improves accuracy and visibility across all warehouse functions so you can: 

  • Receive inventory accurately and perform routine quality checks 
  • Audit inventory to ensure alignment levels between WMS technology and warehouse floor
  • Pick orders accurately, quickly assign pick jobs, and prioritize picks to remove guesswork for workers
  • Lookup information about any item, location, or pallet license plate 
  • Move any item, pallet, or location to a new location in the warehouse


100% Packing Accuracy: SmartPack ensures that each order is correctly packed before completion

SmartPack – Scan. Pack. Verify.


SmartPack - Scan, verify, ship

SmartPack ensures each order is accurately packed before completion.


Packing processes should be effortless and efficient. SmartPack simplifies and automates packing.

  • Scan required items ready to be packed.
  • Pack tracked items and easily confirm what is missing.
  • Verify all items are packed prior to marking an order complete.

Following this hand-free process eliminates manual errors and increases efficiency for warehouse staff. Scan once, pack once, and verify each order in real-time – every time.

  • Assign dimensions, tare weight, actual weight, and UCC-128 labels
  • Track outbound serial numbers without manual data entry
  • Verify lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates for each item
  • Print retail-specific labels by selecting a retail partner from a drop-down menu


Rate Shopping offers the best rate at the best time for every shipment


SmartParcel – Shipping Best Practices from Top-Performing 3PLs


SmartParcel Unified shipping and label printing

SmartParcel lets you manage multiple carrier accounts per customer within the WMS.


Shipping is labor-intensive. By automating shipping processes, SmartParcel empowers warehouse workers to process every order efficiently, accurately with minimal training required, and with the best rate at the best time with rate shopping. SmartParcel is now powered by ShipEngine, the leading multi-carrier provider that powers and ShipStation. This direct integration allows customers the ability to easily support high volume shipping, integrate with more carriers, and reduce shipping account set-up time to mere minutes.

With SmartParcel, you can say goodbye to:

  • Learning and using multiple software systems to ship one order
  • Manually importing/exporting shipping and package details
  • Typing addresses into different carrier systems
  • Retyping tracking numbers by hand
  • Manually shopping for the cheapest shipping rates
  • Waiting 48 hours to set-up carrier accounts

By seamlessly integrating shipping carriers from within 3PL Warehouse Manager, you can:

  • Set-up carrier accounts in minutes
  • Manage carrier accounts by customer using their own negotiated rates
  • Pre-populate shipping addresses and package details
  • Instantly select the best shipping rate from your most used carriers with Rate Shopping
  • Print shipping labels from within the WMS
  • Create custom labels for printing, shipping, and billing
  • Offer FedEx One Rate to customers looking to do flat rate shipping
Implementing SmartPack™ and SmartParcel™ allowed Javelin Logistics to expand their services to ecommerce fulfillment while cutting their costs by nearly half.

Learn how Javelin Logistics went from a labor-based to a technology-driven warehouse here.


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SmartPack™ is an additional add-on feature that provides 100% verification of package contents via a scan, pack, and verify process using a USB scanner. Track and verify lot number, serial number, and expiration dates, and track outbound serial numbers with the SmartPack feature.

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