3PL Central System Status

Here you will find the current operational status for our applications.

Recently Resolved Incidents

June 10, 2020

16:23 MDT – After receiving reports of users experiencing unusual slowness and errors in 3PL Warehouse Manager, we began actively troubleshooting.

16:53 MDT – Our teams contacted our hosting provider to further troubleshoot the issue.

17:23 MDT – Overall performance returned to normal operating parameters, and we continued our troubleshooting efforts with our hosting provider.

17:53 MDT – 3PL Warehouse Manager was fully restored.


June 9, 2020

9:17 MDT – 3PL Warehouse Manager began experiencing system-wide service disruptions.

10:27 MDT – We found that the disruptions were the result of a communication issue between our servers. We began working directly with our hosting provider to resolve the issue.

10:57–12:47 MDT – Our teams remained diligent in troubleshooting with our hosting provider.

13:27 MDT – 3PL Warehouse Manager returned to normal operating parameters.

13:55 MDT – Our teams received reports that some users are still experiencing login issues. We are still monitoring our servers and engaging with our database provider to get this issue fully resolved.

14:25–16:15 MDT – We continued to troubleshoot the degradation with our hosting provider.

17:00 MDT – We began seeing performance improvements throughout the platform.

17:35 MDT – 3PL Warehouse Manager began operating normally again. We continued to monitor our servers over the next few days to ensure this issue stays resolved.


June 5, 2020

16:19 MDT – 3PL Central received reports of some users being unable to access 3PL Warehouse Manager.

16:52 MDT – We identified that this issue was caused by increased server utilization. We began working with our hosting provider to re-balance the server load and saw improved performance across the platform.

17:10 MDT – 3PL Warehouse Manager was fully restored.


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