Why Choose The Cloud?

Get the Visibility and Power your Warehouse Needs to Succeed

With more than ten years of development and providing best-of-breed SaaS solutions for the warehousing industry, 3PL Central has long championed the benefits of running a Warehouse Management System via the cloud.

When 3PL Central launched the initial version of  3PL Central Warehouse Manager back in 2006, we were the first in the warehousing industry to offer a SaaS model. At the time, our notion was deemed radical – especially by those who saw the cloud as too risky, slow, and unreliable for warehousing operations.

Today, thousands of businesses, including some of the world’s largest logistics providers, run critical operations via the Internet as part of their standard operating procedures. 3PL Central is proud to have helped pioneer such an essential solution used by tens of thousands users today.

3PL Central believes strongly in continuing to drive innovation in our marketplace and would like to share why we consider moving to the cloud so important.

Reason 1 – Increased Visibility

With an even more mature infrastructure than when we began in 2006, today’s SaaS solutions are faster, more reliable and more robust than ever before. This is a critically important benefit for warehouse operators, as it provides them with an affordable means to satisfy their customers’ demands for visibility , access, and improved technologies. Now warehouses, and their customers, can view their entire inventory online, in real-time, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Reason 2 – Scalability

The on-going increases in speed, availability, and options for Cloud computing have delivered additional benefits to those businesses who have chosen to take advantage. These include:

  • The Ability To Level the Playing Field
  • The Capability to Expand Instantaneously
Reason 3 – Speed & Access to Real-Time Data

The recent improvements to both the Cloud and Mobile computing have not only increased the level of access warehouses and their customers have to their data – it has also increased the speed at which it can be delivered. This added benefit is a result of the following:

  • Access to the Latest –And Fastest –Technologies
  • Efficient Data Handling
Reason 4 – Security & Reliability

Once considered vulnerable to hacking and data degradation, storing data in the Cloud is now considered one of the safest and more secure means of maintaining company information. This viewpoint is based on the following:

  • The Ability to Provide Data Duplication
  • The Ability to Control Access
Reason 5 -Improved Costs & Added Value

Of all the advantages offered by migrating warehousing operations to the Cloud, perhaps the single-most compelling is the reduction in costs. These can be realized in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Lower Fees and Purchase Price
  • No Software Consulting or Installation Fees
  • The Ability to Outsource or Enhance IT Management
  • The Ability to Outsource Server Upgrade and Maintenance
  • The Ability to Enjoy Feature Upgrades In Real-Time –Without Additional Cost

With some cloud-based offerings – such as 3PL Central’s 3PL Warehouse Manager – customers are afforded the privilege of multiple real-time feature upgrades without any charge or increase to their subscription fees.


The era of Cloud computing is upon us. Its capabilities are expanding every day. And it has brought with it a host of benefits which simply cannot be ignored. These include:

  • Better service levels for both warehouses and their customers
  • Higher levels of security and data protection
  • Lower costs due to strategic outsourcing
  • Higher profitability due to shared and reduced costs
  • And more

In the end, the evidence is overwhelming; when it comes to running a truly Smart Warehouse – the Cloud is the only way to go.

Give your warehouse a competitive advantage